Request an Angel, Butterfly or Smiley Face for Hope.

Please tell others about us so we can spread hope around the world.

Our Angel Pattern is Copyrighted, please do not sell the angels,
or try to copy the pattern for personal use.
If you see one of our Angels for sale, please contact Cindy IMMEDIATELY!
Thank you for your cooperation.


We are offering our Patriotic Angel and Spring Angel


If you would like to request the Patriotic Angel or the Spring Angel just list it in the Favorite Color question.

You just put PATRIOTIC ANGEL or SPRING ANGEL instead of a color.



Don't forget to click the submit button.


Please be sure you supply a full name and address of recipient

 or the request will not be processed. Due to the rising cost of postage

if the address does not check out with the post office website we will not be able to send so PLEASE

check before hitting submit.


Due to the new high pricing of International mailings (it is costing us $6.00 per item) I am afraid we can no longer send to any country other than the USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, IRELAND OR THE UK


Your Name:    
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Child or Adult:    
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Favorite Color:    
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Do you want them to know you requested the item?:    
Reason for request:

Must be reason for our mission please, if it is not it will not be processed. Our volunteers use their own supplies and money for postage so please understand these are not birthday gifts etc...they are for those who are in need of hope.  

We never share your information.
If all fields are not completed the request will be rejected.
Please double check!