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Dedication Donations  2007



bullet Carol Montgomery dedicated a donation in the name of Tim and Misty Mongtgomery.


bullet Helen Melanson dedicated a donation to her husband Regis Melanson.


bullet Culp Antiques dedicated a donation to their precious daughter Suzy who through her struggle with cancer has given strength and hope to all those she has met.


bullet Dori Ruescher dedicated a donation to her sister Francine Fetyko. Francine has just lost her long time companion and will need special prayers and thought while she adjusts to life without him..


bullet Margaret Devries made a donation dedicated to our military.


bullet Teresa  Hakanson dedicated a donation to the patients at St. Joseph's Hospital in St. Paul, MN


bullet Sherri Lapointe dedicated a donation in memory of her mom Janet Lapointe. She is missed deeply.


bullet Diane Roche has made a dedication to her loving husband, Jim, and her two children, Joseph and Elizabeth. "They are my angels."


bullet Cynthia Theard dedicated a donation in memory of her loving daughter in law Genie Watson Boyle , aged 40, who drowned during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, La. She leaves to mourn 2 teenagers, Danielle and David. "It is now 16 months ago but everyday the pain seems like it happened yesterday."


bullet Annamarie Janeway has dedicated a donation in memory of Matthew Robert Koster, Oct 2, 2001 - Jan 15, 2006, her son's best friend, a beautiful child who became an angel too soon.


bullet Shannon Selby dedicated a donation to her cousin, Michelle Boyd, who is fighting breast cancer. Michelle is a courageous and amazing woman.


bullet Donna Brandt dedicated a donation in memory of her mother who is now an angel.      Audrey M Rose passed away on the 22nd of January.


bullet Cindy Hassler dedicated a donation in memory of her son, Heath Alan Hassler. 04-05-86 / 11-10-04 


bullet Irene Piech dedicated a donation in Memory of her grandmother Margaret Merklinger, who died of brain cancer in 1978.


bullet Denise Fahey dedicated a donation to her sister, Stephanie Tarczon.


bullet Freelancers made a donation in honor of "Operation Santa" to support worthwhile causes.


bullet  Cara Molloy dedicated a donation in memory of her precious daughter Hailey Maddison Molloy. They lost their little Angel at 23 weeks of pregnancy and want her name and memory to live on.












Let us send to someone in need of hope.