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Dedication Donations  2009



bullet D C Murphy dedicated a donation to her dear friend Mrs. Grace Penney who is fighting pancreatic cancer.


bullet Sandra Briggs dedicated a donation in memory of her beloved son, David Briggs.


bullet Kristi Daniel dedicated a donation in memory of her beloved mother, Rita Andrews. She lost her battle with pancreatic cancer on March 21, 2007. She is missed beyond words.


bullet Hoffmann-La Roche/Technical Services dedicated a donation to Julia Cacciarelli Horner


bullet Mertle and Big Daddy dedicated a donation for Hayden Edinfield


bullet April Brown dedicated a donation to Mrs Beverly Ray.


bullet Marilyn Lehmann dedicated a donation to Wyatt Goessel who is only 3 months old and fighting to survive.


bullet Joan Nikolich dedicated a donation to her father, Dominick. A cherry sized tumor at the base of his esophagus was recently discovered at the end of July and the cancer cells spread to the celiac artery lymph nodes. He will be receiving 39 days of radiation treatment starting on August 10th. The tumor cannot be operated because Dominick is still recovering from his quadruple by-pass surgery on March 12th and is too weak at this point in time. We are all hoping for the best and that he recovers fully. UPDATE: Dominick lost his battle with cancer on September 17th, 2009.


bullet Valerie Cohen, dedicated a donation to her 13 year old niece, Michelle Gonzalez, who was diagnosed on June 24, 2009 with Sphenoid & Ethmoid Sinus Carcinoma (sinus cancer). Michelle is such a strong young beautiful individual & her courage gives us all strength, together with prayers & God's assistance, to get through each day one step at a time!


bullet Shari DiFalco made a donation in memory of Catherine V. Flaga. Catherine V. Flaga, age 96 of Macomb Township, passed away July 5, 2009, at her home. Catherine is the mother of one of our own Angel makers, Phyllis Miller.


bullet Chase and Darci Nicholson-Asch and Dee Nicholson-Waltke dedicated a donation to their Angel Edgar (Nick) Nicholson. A loving husband, father and grandfather. Although Nick is gone, he never gave up hope.


bullet Sharon Spriggs dedicated a donation in the name of Rev. Jim Mead of New Covenant Church in Knoxville, IA


bullet Linda Duke dedicated a donation in memory of her husband Michael, whom she lost to cancer and also to her friend Erie Ann who also was taken by cancer.


bullet Doris and Brian Coleman dedicated a donation in memory of Julia Cacciarelli.


bullet Margaret DeVries dedicated a donation in the loving memory of Mathias. He is the son of AFH volunteer Karen Strait, whom she lost 16 years ago on March 21st.


bullet Stacey Reister dedicated a donation in loving memory of her husband Andrew Reister whom she lost last August. Andrew's motto was always to "pay it forward" and was an organ donor and helped over 100 people!


bullet Jill Tucker-Kolman dedicated a donation in the Memory of Sam Tucker.


bullet Pam Blankenship dedicated a donation in memory of brother, Nathan Eisenbraun. He passed away on September 27, 2007 at the age of 28. In July of 2006, after having really bad headaches for a couple of weeks, a visit to the ER, where a CT scan was done, he learned the reason for the headaches, three brain tumors.





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