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Dedication Donations  2013



bullet Maggie Devries made a donation "Blessed and Celebrating the Birth of our Lord.


bullet Patricia K made a donation in hopes of a cure for Lisa K's illness.


bullet Maggie D made a donation dedicated to the families of Fallen soldiers who will have one less at their Holiday table this year.


bullet Bernice P dedicated a donation in memory of her darling niece Ciara Eddens.


bullet Carol Montgomery made a loving dedication donation in memory of her husband Tim Montgomery


bullet Teresa Mackey made a dedication donation in memory of her 11 week old son Samuel Brian who was born premature and died in NICU.


bullet Lorie Ames made a dedication donation in memory of her mom Cheryl Brookhiser.


bullet Barb L made a dedication donation for all the volunteers at Angels for Hope.


bullet Pam W dedicated a donation in honor of Lawrence "Tennesse" Bailey.


bullet Sheila dedicated a donation in the memory of her late mother, Beverly.


bullet Betty Farfaras dedicated a donation for Mr. Luciano.


















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